Australia and New Zealand's leading Primary classroom music programme! Jellybeans Music provides high quality, cost effective music education to Pre-School and Primary students. We will RE-VITALISE music at your school.

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Classroom Composition Incursions!

Bringing the excitement of our engaging and instructional Jellybeans Music into a single day Primary age composition incursion! Our Composition incursion enables children to CREATE, IMPROVISE, AUTHOR LYRICS and more. All assisted by our high quality Primary Music Specialists. This is sure to be an cost effective and exciting day for your school!

Suitable across all Foundation to Yr. 6 levels we have a range of themes including: Deep Space; Gold Rush; Old Colonial Days and even a Bollywood Ball! Find out more about this fantastic new offering HERE
Our advocacy campaign aimed at ceasing the desperate decline in music education in Primary schools. Did you know that only 23% of students in Australian schools receive regular, quality music lessons? Isn't that just incredible!

If you want to make a difference at YOUR school, click HERE for advocacy tools to take to your Principal and/or P & C.

Music is just SO vital to young minds to see it disappear from our regular schooling.

Jellybeans Music - are we at YOUR school in 2017?

If not, why not?! Don't you want the BEST in Primary classroom music at your school? Here's a few reasons why you need us to build your school music offering in 2017:
  • Over 250 pieces all written/sourced specifically for our programmes
  • All pieces meet curriculum outcomes and are age specific. (That means we have different material throughout the Primary years)
  • Experienced and skilled music specialists that come to your school
  • Up-skilling of your own school staff (when they participate in our classes and watch the experts do it!)
  • Individual unique web page for EVERY class in your school that contains the programme materials you are learning at school. The school has access to this for the rest of the school year, regardless of whether Jellybeans staff are there or not!
  • Jellybeans Music folder for each student

Find out more about how Jellybeans Music can change your school environment for the better with an engaging, systematic music programme HERE

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