A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..... oh sorry, that's not our story.

Ok, well the Jellybeans Music story began in 2008 when we launched our first ever programmes in some friendly Sydney DET Primary schools. Company founder Andrew Robertson (Head Bean) and Tracy Burjan (now Head Trainer) wrote the first programme and with 2 staff we launched. Since those early beany days, we've grown and grown every year in both size and educational content. We now boast 8 full Term programs, over 220 songs written or sourced specifically for the Jellybeans Programme, Interactive Whiteboard teaching/learning resources, Solfege, sight singing and rhythmic development...... with the BIG focus being able to have students read and perform music in their classes.

We ensure our teaching is of the highest quality and as a result, we're SOOOO beany proud to say that we have become the leading provider of Primary Classroom Music programs in Australia!

Here's some JellyStats for you about our programme:

  • 20,000+: the number of students we've taught so far
  • 52,000+: the number of plays the JellyBeans Music songs have had on Soundcloud
  • 35: the number of schools we are teaching in at present this year
  • 2: the current number of Jellybeans Music Franchises. (we've just launched our Franchises this year, so watch this number grrroooowwww!)
  • 5: the current number of countries where you'll find Jellybeans Music (AU and NZ)
  • 18: the number of Olympic Gold medals won by Michael Phelps (not really relevant here, but an amazing stat nonetheless!)

Our Mission Statement

In meeting our core mission beliefs, Jellybeans Music aims to be the leading choice for Primary School music education for young people. To this end, we aim to lead by example with ‘best of breed‘ teaching and teaching programs. In this way we will be able to partner with an ever-increasing number of schools to provide them with quality music education.

In meeting the goal of providing music education to as many young people as possible, Jellybeans Music aims to provide this high level music education outside of the classroom. This will be done through leading Internet and software applications allowing music education to occur in the home as well as the classroom.

Jellybeans Music aims to provide high quality, cost effective music education to Pre-School and Primary students. We believe in the true benefits that music can bring ALL children in engaging and developing their intellectual abilities. We believe in the key role music plays in ‘whole-person’ development through creative exploration and enjoyment that only music can bring.

We believe that EVERY student should have access to quality music education.