What's My Class Password?

You will have received a 'Welcome Note' from school that includes your generic school password. This will generally be a 3-4 letter word that is easy to remember. To create your class specific password, all you need to do is ADD ON your class name to this generic password.
Here's an example:

School generic password is bob

Class name is 6F

Class password will be bob6F

(Notice no spaces)
Another example:

School generic password is zap

Class name is 3/4J

Class password will be zap34J

(Notice no spaces)
And one more:

School generic password is pop

Class name is 1 Orange

Class password will be pop1Orange

(Notice no spaces)
Give it another go now!See my progress
If this hasn't helped solve the problem, then please don't hesitate to email us HERE and we'll get back to you ASAP.

The Jellybeans Music Team