Jellybeans Music is now a fantastic lifestyle franchise opportunity for those passionate about music education and want a satisfying work/life balance. We have a growing number of franchisees enjoying the opportunity to run their own business around the family/home life whilst teaching high quality music in Primary Schools.

Why Did We Franchise?

Jellybeans Music came about through providing workshops to Primary classroom teachers on the ‘Jellybeans And Other Suites’ percussion books. Teachers loved the workshops but then ultimately asked: “Can’t you just come in and teach our students?!”. So in 2008 we began doing just this. Ever since we have kept growing and adding more schools each year. A growing number of schools have Jellybeans Music all year around! We initially began in Sydney schools and now have schools in Melbourne also. This was great for us however in 2013 we realised that we were reaching the maximum amount of schools that we could effectively deliver high quality programmes to from a single head office. The franchising opportunity was suggested and met all of our requirements in that we could:
  • Keep control of our high quality music education
  • Provide quality music education into more and more schools that need and desire it
  • Empower like-minded teaching professionals the opportunity to run their own Jellybeans Music programs
  • Provide a financially, spiritually and lifestyle rewarding business to owners
  • Support franchisees with a team of like-minded people and experience in a business model that has grown for over 5 years

What's It Take To Be A Jellybeans Music Franchisee?

Jellybeans Music is a tried and tested programme that schools, students and parents love. We have built a system of sales & marketing, programme materials, teacher training, sourced high quality instruments on favourable trade terms and more. All the while, building the brand name of ‘Jellybeans Music’. Our franchisees have access to ALL of this, giving them the best chance of success in running their own music teaching business. Our low cost of entry enables franchisees (by following the Jellybeans Music system) to achieve a good return on investment and earn income for yourself. In addition, you can work around your existing family and home commitments. The qualities that we look for in a Jellybeans Music franchisee are:
  • Passion for, and belief in music education for children
  • Classroom teaching experience (strong classroom management skills)
  • Solid music skills (ability to read notation and sing a minimum requirement)
  • Good ‘inter-personal’ skills (you’ll need to chat with Principals, Teachers and Students regularly!)
  • Enthusiastic and motivated
  • Desire to run your own business and follow the proven Jellybeans Music system
  • Desire to work as part of a larger team of like-minded people
If this sounds like you then we’d love to speak with you. Please fill in the Expression Of Interest form on the following tab and we’ll get in touch with more information on the Jellybeans Music franchise opportunity.

What Can A Jellybeans Music Franchise Offer You?

  • Opportunity to run a business with the ideals that you’re passionate about at it’s core
  • Exceptional educational programmes
  • Support and training is provided to franchisees with intensive 1 week initial training (onsite and in schools) plus ongoing training and support in developing your business and teaching skills.
  • Complete business systems (including high functioning website backend systems) to make the BUSINESS side easy
  • Team of like-minded people driven by the same passions as yourself
  • National 1300 (AU) and 0800 (NZ) free call number directing schools to you
  • A Head Office with years of experience running programs just the same as yours
  • Long term supply agreements with major suppliers ensuring that our franchisees gain the financial benefit of being part of a larger group whilst owning their own business
  • Fantastic opportunity to own your own business and achieve that important work-life-family balance.

What Locations Are Available for Jellybeans Music Franchises?

Where are we currently looking for franchisees to grow the Jellybeans Music programs? We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest in the Master Franchise for NSW. This is a great opportunity for a business person with a passion for music to take on the fastest growing region of Jellybeans Music. Our franchise regions are concentrated into around 50-55 target schools (predominantly State and Catholic schools). This is proving very successful as franchisees can get to know schools and Principals in their region very well. By providing Principals with a viable, systematic music teaching offering, franchisees can build their Jellybeans Music business and begin working when YOU want to!Australia-NZ

Our Mission

In meeting our core mission beliefs, Jellybeans Music aims to be the leading choice for Primary School music education for young people. To this end, we aim to lead by example with ‘best of breed‘ teaching and teaching programmes. In this way we will be able to partner with an ever-increasing number of schools to provide them with quality music education. In meeting the goal of providing music education to as many young people as possible, Jellybeans Music aims to provide this high level music education outside of the classroom. This will be done through leading Internet and software applications allowing music education to occur in the home as well as the classroom. Jellybeans Music aims to provide high quality, cost effective music education to Pre-School and Primary students. We believe in the true benefits that music can bring ALL children in engaging and developing their intellectual abilities. We believe in the key role music plays in ‘whole-person’ development through creative exploration and enjoyment that only music can bring.

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