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Music: Count Us In

Easy year Jellybeans Music assists with educational resources for the Music: Count Us In event. If you're not aware of this event, it's the largest single music education event in Australia each year. 

What Is Must: Count Us In?

Music: Count Us In is an initiative supported by the Federal Government. It involves a single song being written each year by selected High School students and provided to schools around Australia for free. A wide range of educational resources are provided (also for free!) for all educators and musical formats that you could possibly imagine. The event culminates in a single day each year where all participants sing/play/perform/dance that one song at the same time all across Australia!

In 2017 some 3000 schools participated and over 650,000 students!

How Does Jellybeans Music help?

As part of the education package provided to Primary schools, Jellybeans Music provides animated notation for specialist and non-specialist teachers. Animated notation is exactly what it sounds like: using an interactive whiteboard or large screen, notes change colour as it is their turn to play, and synced with the audio track. This is a unique tool that Jellybeans Music (and our publishing arm, Jozzbeat Music) have created. It enables students and teachers of little or no prior music experience, to easily follow music notation. See the image below for an animated vocal part.

Our animated notation resources we provide include: 

  • Full 2 part vocal score
  • Individual rehearsal sections for choir (eg: Chorus; Verse: Chorus Harmony parts; Interlude etc.)
  • Recorder ensemble score

We look forward to continuing our involvement with this fabulous music education event in 2018.

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