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Newbridge Heights PS

Newbridge Heights PS Begins it's 9th year with Jellybeans Music in 2018. Located in the Liverpool area of Sydney, when we began teaching classroom music at the school there was little or no music happening there. Over the years we have not only expanded their classroom music dramatically, the school now has an after school Enrichment recorder programme (also run by Jellybeans Music) and a school band.

As an interesting aside Newbridge Heights' NAPLAN results have improved each year during the time that Jellybeans Music has been at the school. Results are above or substantially above the average of all Australian schools. We make no correlation between these gradually increasing exceptional NAPLAN results during the same period as the school has implemented regular, high quality classroom music - but's certainly interesting!

The implementation of Jellybeans Music at the school was the idea of then Principal Brian Dill. Brian saw the value in a quality classroom music programme as a key part of a fully rounded education experience for his students. 

It has been a great pleasure for our Jellybeans Music team to be involved with the wonderful staff and students at Newbridge Heights Public School. We look forward to continuing our musical relationship with the school for many more years.

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