So you've heard about our AMAZING Jellybeans Music programme and you want to change the Music profile at your school, huh?! Scroll down to find out more on how the Jellybeans programme can work affordably at YOUR school.

What We Provide

Jellybeans Music supplies the following in our programme:
  • Experienced music specialist
  • All sequential, curriculum-based materials (songs, lyrics, sheet music)
  • Webpage! Yes, we make your own school webpage that stays open until the end of the school year with all of your Jellybeans Music (pdf’s and audio) available
  • Full class set of untuned percussion (triangles, tambourines, castanets, claves and drums)
  • 30 Glockenspiels
  • Recorders for all Yr. 3-6 students to own (excellent quality instruments)
  • Jellybeans Music folder for each student

Course Info

Music is a vital part to an overall rounded education and is mandatory in most states and countries. It is often the subject area that classroom generalist teachers feel least comfortable delivering. In addition, Music Specialists often find they don’t have enough time with their classes each week to impart all the skills they wish to. The Jellybeans Music In-Schools programme can alleviate the issues above by bringing motivated, experienced and highly qualified Music Specialists into your school to deliver a systematic music program covering:
  • Singing
  • Solfege and Rhythmic development
  • Movement
  • Performance Skills – through Percussion, Glockenspiels and Recorders
  • Aural Skills
  • Composing and Improvising
The emphasis is on meeting curriculum requirements by covering musical concepts through musical activities. The “Jellybeans Music In-Schools Programme” even includes an individual assessment of students participation and skills which can be incorporated into the schools Creative Arts reporting processes. This is done in Week 10 of the programme and students are ranked from 1 to 5 (or A to E) reflecting their accomplishment and participation in the program. A word document including curriculum statements relevant to the gradings is provided to the school at the end of the programme to utilise for reporting. Classes run for approximately 30-45 minutes to fit in with your school’s daily schedule. This allows us to provide around 6-7 lessons per day. During each lesson we will have music pieces for: singing; performing on tuned instruments (glockenspiels or recorders); untuned percussion; movement. The Jellybeans Music pieces are written specifically for the programme by experienced music educators to meet curriculum outcomes. All pieces are age specific and the students LOVE it! No computer generated music here!


You’ll be surprised how affordable it is to have high quality music teaching in your school! We understand that every school is different in many ways:
  • Size
  • Location
  • Socio-Economic environment
  • Multicultural diversity
  • …and many others!
Jellybeans Music offers a great way of having high quality music education PLUS all of the instruments and curriculum in your school for MUCH LESS than the cost of a full time staff member. The Jellybeans Music In-Schools programme will work with the executive of all schools to find a suitable course fee that will enable the school to access our leading music programmes. Our one-off course fee is based on the time that our staff are required at the school. The fee also includes:
  • Recorders (if required)
  • Jellybeans Music Folders for students
  • Access to website for all music materials
  • Full class set of percussion instruments
  • Insurances
Jellybeans Music is very competitively priced in comparison to other outsourced school programmes such as sport or dance. Please fill out the Expression Of Interest form below and we’ll get back to you straight away!

What Are Schools Saying About Jellybeans Music?

  • “Wow! Your programme is brilliant and staff absolutely loved Ray. Congratulations to you for creating such an effective, quality teaching programme.”S. Jones (AP) Cudgegong Valley PS
  • “We could not be more happy with the programme. Nicole is such a dynamic teacher….full of enthusiasm and talent. Her rapport with the kids is really outstanding. The new updates sound fantastic. We look forward to continuing our musical relationship with Jellybeans.”Susan Rose (Principal) Picnic Point PS
  • “I think your programme is absolutely brilliant and I am so happy that Camdenville has Jellybeans Music!”D. Anderson (Principal) Camdenville PS
  • “It’s a highlight of our week!”Pru Wylie (AP) Paddington PS
  • “The programme was very successful. Parents were most impressed on the showcase days. Brendon and Alison were fabulous and we would love to have them back.”L.Dwyer (AP) Sylvania Heights PS
  • “The programme has been fantastic. We will book again for next year.”P. Banks (Principal) - Cronulla Public School
  • “The programme was a success in that it re-invigorated music at INPS.”B. Moseley (Principal) Ingleburn North PS
  • “Everyone was delighted with the programme.”H. Hawkins (Principal) Seven Hills North PS
  • “Our parents were very pleased with the Jellybeans In-Schools programme and mentioned this at the P&C night last week. They are looking forward to a continuation of the programme next year.”S. Mangiavacchi (Music Specialist) Ashbury PS

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