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Jellybeans Music classroom music resources

All of our world class music resources are sold via our sister site (Jozzbeat Music Publishing Pty. Ltd.). So clicking on a link/image will take you to this site for more information and purchasing. If you see something here that you would like to purchase for your own school you can simply click on the 'Purchase Order' form below and submit to us. We can invoice the school and send your resources out ASAP!

The resources we use in our Jellybeans Music classroom programmes are listed below. These include the biggest selling Primary classroom percussion books Jellybeans And Other Suites, as well as our fabulous 'Reach For Your Recorder' books.

Recorders: We import our own Jellybeans Music branded version of Angel student recorders from Korea. Angel is one of the leading instrument makers in the world. These recorders are of the highest quality and play-ability for young students. We have used them with great success for 10 years in our classroom programmes and highly recommend them for your own recorder programme. 

Recorder Resources

Jellybeans/Angel Student Recorders

$8.00 (inc GST)

Establishing or developing your Recorder program? We have excellent quality Jellybeans/Angel recorders to get you on the way.  These one piece recorders are used in schools across the world and have been carefully designed for beginners with proper resistance to produce low notes easily and have accurate intonation.  Don't waste your money on cheap imports!  Our recorders come with a storage bag, and cleaning rod.  Why purchase just one?  

Need something to play with that?  

Look at our Reach For Your Recorder book and recorder combo offer, too good to say no to, we think!

Reach For Your Recorder Book 1

(Teacher Edition)
$65.00 (inc GST)
Start or enhance your school recorder program with this excellent book which starts at THE VERY BEGINNING and moves through solo pieces to duet pieces at the end. Carefully crafted by musicians, recorder specialists and Primary Classroom Teachers Paul and Tracy Burjan. This book will guide your young recorder players through FUN music whilst learning the basics of music notation and reading.

The book contains 22 pieces beginning with simple melodies and moving into 2 part pieces at the end.  Your purchase will include a funky play-along CD with REAL MUSICIANS. The book also includes large fingering charts.

This book is fully reproducible. An essential resource for every Teacher who teaches recorder.

Reach For Your Recorder Book 2

$65.00 (inc GST)

Reach For Your Recorder 1 has been such a popular resource for beginning recorder instruction in schools and at home. We have often received requests for:
- another book;
- some music for Treble recorder; and
- some recorder ensemble music

Well, Tracy and Paul Burjan have taken this all on board an produced another beauty! Reach For Your Recorder 2 is the next logical step from those students/ensembles who have worked through RFYR1. Reach For Your Recorder 2 includes:

  • 19 pieces featuring Treble parts
  • 2 full ensemble pieces
  • Pieces with both easy and advanced Descant parts
  • Great variety of styles
  • Wonderful, engaging backing tracks
  • The famous HUGE fingering charts for both Descant AND Treble
An exceptional book for intermediate + recorder students!

Jellybeans And Other Suites BIG Percussion Books

AU$230 (inc GST) 
Australia and NZ's biggest selling classroom percussion book! A large format book (130cm wide when open) designed for non-specialists to teach classroom music. It's EASY! 
Designed for ALL Primary years - even early High School. 10 graded pieces.
Playalong CD with a wide range of styles and teaches students to read music notation whilst having a heap of fun. Teacher's Handbook with outcomes, lesson ideas and instructions.
 That's why so many schools and teachers use Jellybeans And Other Suites!

AU$250 (inc GST) 
As per Book 1, a new repertoire of great pieces covering classical, jazz, reggae and marching band. REAL musicians and REAL orchestras!
Book 2 also has downloadable recorder; vocal and glockenspiel parts. So you can add these parts in to your percussion class.
No need to have completed Book 1 as it's the same all-Primary-age material.
Includes: Overture from Carmen; Hall Of The Mountain King; African Serenade and more!

AU$250 (inc GST) 
As per Book 2, another 10 great new pieces for Primary classroom. Includes 'The Thunderer'; 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' and 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'.
As with Book 2, there are downloadable additional resources for recorder, glockenspiel and vocal. Includes play-along CD and Teacher's Handbook with outcomes, lesson ideas and instructions.

A great addition to your classroom music experience!

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