​Hi, We're Karen and Kristen - the Jellybeans Music franchisees for the East Hills region in Sydney. We both have a Bachelor of Music from UNSW and have been teaching children music for years. This includes time as choral Directors for the Australian Youth Choirs; private teaching and classroom teaching.

We are thrilled to now be joining the Jellybeans team and reaching the St George and East Hills region with such a wonderful program. We are both passionate believers in the benefits of music education in children and see Jellybeans Music as a fantastic way of achieving this.

For all schools in the East Hills and St. George region in Sydney who are interested in reinvigorating their classroom music offering, please contact Karen: karen.harcombe@myjellybeansmusic.com or contact Kristen: kristen@myjellybeansmusic.com


Amidst the tumultuous weather on Tuesday morning, Karen and Kristen arrived at Picnic Point Public School to start our Jellybeans adventure!! Having bought our Jellybeans franchise in August 2014, we had plenty to do in setting up our business, doing our training, learning about marketing and budgeting…but it feels wonderful to now be out in the front line - actually doing the work of delivering this amazing program to kids. On Tuesday, Kristen had the pleasure of teaching two Year Four classes and two Year Three classes. The excitement from the Year Three classes was really beautiful to see – this was their first Jellybeans experience and they were just so keen to get their hands on their instruments and start making music!! The clear difference in the Year Four students, who did Jellybeans last year, was that they were able to pick up where they left off and make a unified and organised sound. It was so encouraging to see the first hand the difference that Jellybeans makes! Karen also had a really positive experience with her senior classes on Thursday. It’s fantastic seeing the teachers as well as the students so engaged and enthusiastic in the lessons. Huge thanks go to Andrew, Danise and Tracy, who have done such an amazing job in providing a program which is so appealing to the students, and training us up in it so thoroughly – we’ve never felt so well prepared for a job! Looking forward to a great term ahead at Picnic Point!

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​My Schools

Picnic Point Public School

Picnic Point PS have been with Jellybeans Music for two years now. During that time we have provided a sequential and age specific program to the students. There has been wonderful positive reaction to having a music program in the school with parents, teachers and students all very pleased with the results. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Picnic Point in future years.
Picnic Point PS
Picnic Point PS

Penshurst West Public School

Penshurst West Public School will be joining Jellybeans Music for the first time in 2015. We look forward to providing them with the amazing program that so many other schools have enjoyed. Building a strong music program that can be sustained at the school is very important to us. See you soon PWPS!
Penshurst West PS
Penshurst West PS