We are very fortunate to have a great team of like minded individuals, whose goal is to provide quality music education to Primary age children. Our selection process for staff is rigorous and requires all teachers to be strong musicians as well as experienced and skilled classroom educators.

The result is a team of superb teachers who all follow and deliver the Jellybeans Music curriculum with great skill. The response from our schools says it all, with glowing comments on the staff ensuring that the schools become return clients. This ensures that the school children have ongoing access to the incredible benefits that music education can bring to a child.

To find out a little more about all of us click on our heads! For a full brief on us click on our names.

Andrew Robertson

(Founder - 'Head Bean')

Danise Berger

(Bean Counter)

Tracy Burjan

(Head Beany Trainer)

Dawn Engelbrecht

(Jellybeans Music NZ - Head Bean)

Nicole Thomson

(Sydney City East Franchisee)

Fiona McGahey

(Sutherland Shire Franchisee)

Kristen Butchatsky

(Sydney East Hills Franchisee)

Karen Harcombe

(Sydney East Hills Franchisee)

Lindsay Owen

(Melbourne Dandenong Franchisee)

Ray Harvey

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Georgina Andrews

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Penny Biggins

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Kathy Bluff

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Jessica Di Bartolo

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Karen Green

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Rachel Lowden

(Jellybeans Music Specialist)

Joshua Foy

(Jellybeans Music Specialist - Newcastle)

Minnie McCoy

(Jellybeans Music Specialist - Sydney)